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written by
Melody Burdette

A Fall Fête

photographs by
Sully Sullivan

Volume: 26

It’s so amazing to come back as an adult to an island I loved as a child.

Spencer, Patrick’s wife, has braved the evening with their beautiful three-week-old daughter, Ava, and everyone coos over the new addition.

A particular type of warmth comes with knowing you’re in a room with old friends, especially on a holiday. It feels like family, a shared history. All graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill, the partners’ passion for creating value through real estate investment and development led to the formation of South Street Partners and ultimately brought them to the vibrant community of Kiawah. Their passion for the Island is obvious.

“I think about it a lot, how lucky we are to have this as our work environment,” says Chris. “Just the decompression you feel coming across the first causeway to the Island—it’s an intangible that you can’t really quantify.”

“My wife was just saying the same thing,” Will adds. “It doesn’t matter how the drive in with two young children has gone, you just feel at peace once you’re here.”

It’s been a big year for the South Street Partners. After acquiring the Island in 2013, the four men met a community of passionate and dedicated property owners. “We hosted a handful of meet-and-greet functions, and it was always a packed house,” recalls Patrick. “It really speaks to the culture of involvement on the Island; residents really wanted to know us personally because they are fully engaged stakeholders.”

Patrick, Will, Chris, and Jordan recognize the necessity of careful stewardship—of the natural environment, the Island community, and the subtle elegance that is Kiawah. They mirrored the philanthropic ethos of the residents and joined various nonprofit boards, having since donated more than $250,000 of charitable givings to a number of worthy local causes.

On the Island, they continue to focus on enhancing Club amenities and developing Ocean Park, the Island’s newest neighborhood, with pristine natural views in every direction and a preserved maritime forest. “We’re determined to develop Kiawah in the same environmentally responsible way that has proven to be successful and to add value for property owners through the years,” says Chris.

As the conversation turns to familial catch-up, business, and tee times, the kids huddle around a table in the corner to play a game of “Trouble.” Davis, Will’s oldest, cackles with glee with every roll of the dice. Old friends from Charleston trickle in, and soon the room is filled with a festive din.

A verdant backdrop crafted by local florist Lily Peterson centers the room. A twinkling olive garland spills into the air above the elegantly set table. Cured olives of brown and green festively sprinkled around the place settings complement the deep garnet amaryllis, lush green bay leaf stalks, and carefully tucked tufts of pale purple clematis.

As everyone settles at the table for the feast, Chris raises a glass and exclamations of “Happy Thanksgiving” fill the air. The friends begin to pass the platters of roasted carrots, lobster ceviche, and grilled Brussels sprouts. Laughter erupts here and there.

The room sparkles with warm conversation, accented by the clink of glasses, until night falls and the party winds down. This dinner has been special, one of many memories these four families will share as they make Kiawah their home.

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