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written by
Leigh Webber

Dive In

photographs by
Leigh Webber

Volume: 27

"We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything,
than when we are at play."

- Charles E. Schaefer

Dive In is an invitation to the viewer, a command. It’s a mantra to remember to take risks, to go deep and get beneath the surface.

There’s a loss of control when I photograph underwater—it’s impossible to stay still, hard to communicate with my subject, and as a photographer, I never know fully what photos I am going to get.

But that’s also the magic of it. I have to just trust the process. Photographing underwater is a dance that requires faith and invites serendipity. Children are the masters of play. They bring energy and openness and remind us to drop our facades and be as we are.

In taking these photos, I learn to embrace uncertainty, to see challenges as adventures, to focus less on the outcome. It’s an exercise in letting go. Dive in: a summons to seek uncertainty, possibility, and to find the silver linings in an often tumultuous world.

— L.W.

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