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Megan Phillips

Image of Megan Phillips

Where did you and Jordan meet?

Jordan and I are both from North Carolina and we met in college at UNC Chapel Hill. We were friends there but never dated. We reconnected again when we were both living in Charlotte and we’ve been married for two years.

So tell me a little bit about what you do?

I work for a social media start up named House Account. It’s based out of Charlotte, NC but I am able to work from home or Kiawah. It’s a shopping application that promotes small boutiques and shopping local. Charleston is all about shopping local so I think it works well for me to be here!

You made the move down to Charleston and Kiawah a little over a year ago. What was that like?

Amazing. We are so excited and honored to live in such special communities. I grew up coming to Kiawah with my family. We would come every year in the spring or summer and rent a house. I vividly remember biking to the Ocean Course or the Straw Market to get ice cream as a little girl. It’s a special place for me and now it’s even more exciting to be living here.

Did you fall back in love with it?

Completely. It had probably been ten years since I was last at Kiawah so a ton had changed. It was surreal seeing all the things that I remembered and then all of the new things.

There are so many new things to do. For example we didn’t go kayaking when I was little because it wasn’t popular or even an option then. Plus tennis! I’ve fallen back in love with tennis.

Kiawah is still the island I came to years ago—it’s just better. Nothing has changed that has taken away from all of the things that I love about this place!

Do you get out to the Island often?

We do. Obviously Jordan goes every day for work but we love going for social reasons and for fun. We take the dogs to the beach and they absolutely love it. Everyone in our family enjoys visiting Kiawah! We have three nieces that regularly visit us from Charlotte and they love going to the Beach Club. I just took the oldest one kayaking which was fantastic.

I play tennis at Kiawah at least once a week. I love it and am trying to play more! We spend quite a few nights on island. Charleston and Kiawah are completely different but they compliment each other so well. It’s great to have both of those worlds so close. We feel very lucky!

We’ve met a ton of people through the club and through the meet and greets. There’s a great Carolina (UNC) crowd here… [Laughs]

Ah yes! Tell me about the Kiawah community.

It truly is a wonderful community. People are so passionate about Kiawah and want to be involved. In some cases, I think it’s hard for developers to get feedback from homeowners. Kiawah Partners hosted many meet and greets when we first moved. The guys did a ton and I went to six or so. They were packed—I mean packed, with people! A lot of communities would not have that kind of reception or interest.

It’s even been nice to hear the people that have brought forth concerns or challenges. They’re active in their community and they care. It’s exciting for the guys because they have all of this passion from the people that live here.

Do you do any philanthropic work?

Jordan is on the board of the Charleston chapter of First Tee. It’s a golf organization that positively impacts the lives of under privileged kids through the game of golf. It’s a great organization and he’s loved being part of it. It really promotes the underlying integrity of the game and good sportsmanship.

I’m working with the Charleston Animal Society and serve on their board. CAS is an open-admissions shelter for all of Charleston County. We handle over 90% of the animals that go through the shelter system in Charleston and because of our work (high volume free spay /neuter, adoption campaigns, free medical care, etc.) we are now a no-kill county—the first no-kill county in the Southeast. One of the important reasons that we have been able to become no-kill is because of our dedicated group of foster families.  These families effectively increase the capacity of our shelter from almost 300 animals to 800 animals. Jordan and I actually just fostered two kittens, which was a wonderful experience. It’s a fantastic organization and one that I am proud to support.

What’s it like being a part of the South Street family?

It really is like a family. Chris, Will, Jordan, and I all went to Chapel Hill together. Jordan and Will grew up together. Their birthdays are actually four days apart. I’ve gotten to know Patrick and his wife really well. Jordan and Patrick have been working together for a long time and it is a great partnership.

It’s been wonderful to see all of the hard work, pressure, and intensity of starting a business pay off. They all work so hard. To have the opportunity to be involved with something as special as Kiawah is incredibly rewarding.

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