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written by
Sandy Lang

Water Way

photographs by
Peter Frank Edwards

Volume: 26

from Charleston to Kiawah

An enticing puzzle of islands and squiggly creeks is ours again—blue water edged by sand and pluff, the greens and golden-browns of mud and marsh grass, and the white froth of salty waves.

Long-ago fortresses and the Ravenel Bridge crown the waterscape. From Charleston Harbor, our route changes with conditions of sun, wind, and tides.

Following the rivers’ currents to the Atlantic, dozens of seabirds angle for a foothold on a silvery sandbar near the long, wild stretch of Morris Island and the beaches of Folly.

The towering lighthouse once connected by dry land looks adrift, a sea-surrounded marvel.

We choose back-island sounds and sheltered creeks to lead us to dolphins, herons, osprey, and redfish—the winged buzz of Bird Key and the wind-sculpted forest tangles on Kiawah Island.

Fellow sea-goers navigate tidal flows in kayaks, fishing boats, and cruising yachts.

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